Hand holding support to School Management Committees (SMC)

Pardarshita supports to School Management committee (SMC) for its efficient working, so that school management, children and parents understands the role and responsibility of School Management committee (SMC). To understand the importance of School Management Committee ( SMC) in school and responsibility of Quorum Pardarshita gives hand holding  support to 25 government schools in Jaipur  .

To understand the concept of School Management Committee ( SMC) “Pardarshita” focused on certain questions

  • What is School Management Committee ( SMC) ?
  • Who are the members?
  • Who chooses the members?
  • What is the tenure of School Management Committee ( SMC)?
  • What is his role and responsibility in school? 
  • How many times should School Management Committee ( SMC ) meeting should be organized in the school ?
  • What is the need to have parents and children as SMC members?

Formation: The School Management Committee is a group of 11 + 5 members who are elected for a 2-year term to take decisions regarding the school, taking into account the primary interest of the children.

Principal , 2 teachers, Students, parents community associate members such as stakeholders or some senior citizens, members such as Anganwadi workers, members of NGOs who are working on child education and rights.

 Law Diaspora recommendation is to ensure that all important matters related to health, education, children’s welfare are adequately addressed. Children are considered to be primary beneficiaries.

Role and Responsibilities:  SMC has an important role in the implementation of all education policies, rules, laws, schemes issued by the state or the Center.

SMC is for the protection and care of children while they are in school.

SMC should collectively look at the school’s financials

SMC will have to prepare its monthly agenda and organize a monthly meeting sticking out of the agenda.

SMC should know about any child suspected to be working in their areas or areas as a commercial or domestic service.

The names and contact numbers of all SMC members should be displayed on the notice board at the school so that anyone can contact SMC members.

Pardarshita emphasis on smooth functioning of School Management Committee ( SMC ) so that SMC regulates their role and responsibility efficiently Target beneficiaries gets all benefits through School Management Committee ( SMC ) .