Community Based Organization (CBO) Awareness Program on Right to Education (RTE)

Education is every child’s right, Pardarshita is working on its vision i.e. Right to Education (RTE) Pardarshita believes that education is every child’s right so that every child perform or live its life well . Under the Right to education Act 2009 Pardarshita wants, every child of vulnerable group or target group   gets education. Pardarshita ensure that every child   which comes under the criteria of Right to Education (RTE) get admission in the school. To perform awareness among the community on Right to Education (RTE) Community Based Organization (CBO) and stakeholders are helping hands of Pardarshita. So it is important that Community Based Organization (CBO) have complete knowledge about Right to

Education (RTE), for it Pardarshita timelyorganized Community Based Organization (CBO) Awareness Program on Right to Education (RTE)

Community Based Organizations (CBO) has to know some answers of the questions related to Right to Education (RTE) act 2009, provisions and important issues of children’s rights and other child issues.

  • What is Right to Education (RTE)? Its importance and companionship?
  • On what criteria does the school decide to admit a child?
  • Role of community in RTE?
  • The power of education was fully implemented on 1 April 2010.

Children between 6 to14 years have the right to free and compulsory education.

There will be no entrance examination or entrance interview to get children into school. If a child is refused on the pretext, the school is fined 25000 Rs.

 Admission has been based on age criteria (Children between 6 to14 years).

 No fee is to be charged from the child or his / her parents under any head or special fund.

 Classes are also to be given in the school by the school.

Books are also to be given free of cost by the school

 No child can be denied admission for want of transfer certificate from previous school.

 In Right to Education (RTE) act 2009 under Section 12 (1) (c), 25% of the seats in all schools should be reserved for children who are from economical weaker families. For this, some documents should be furnished such as child birth certificate, family income certificate and SC / ST certificate. Such children are regularly made to attend school without any discrimination with children.

Due to the absence of certificates (birth and transfer), family can submit a self-proclaimed declaration of establishment, considering that the school will have to give admission after considering the appropriate age criteria.

No school can refuse admission to a child of 6 years to 14 years of age under any pretext of pre-education documents, documents, payment, sex, caste, background etc.

It is also a community duty to ensure the every child education and admission in the school under the age criteria of 6 to 14 years.

Pardarshita continuously working on Right to Education (RTE)   and perform many awareness program in the community with the help of Community Based Organization (CBO), so that every child between 6 to 14 years get education.