• Working directly with 20 government and MCD schools in North East district, Delhi to ensure provisions of Right to Education (RTE) are implemented.
  • Helping community/parents to enrol children in school and regular follow-ups to ensure their retention by involving community volunteers.
  • Children’s Library and Remedial Education Centre to provide space and the opportunity to children to access and enjoy their rights.
  • Capacity building of School Management Committee members on RTE through regular interaction and by organizing training workshops.

Child Protection

  • Awareness and sensitization in community and schools on child protection issues and related laws.
  • A group of adolescent girls and boys working for safety and security issues at community level.
  • Regular Capacity building of group members and community leaders on the issue.
  • Networking of girls and women groups with local and district level law enforcement agencies.
  • Advocacy with state and national agencies such as State and National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, State and National Commission for Women, Human Rights Commission etc.

Child Nutrition & Health

  • Community awareness and sensitization on various provisions and services for children’s nutrition and health under ICDS (Integrated Child Development Schemes).
  • Capacity building of Anganwadi workers in growth monitoring, measuring malnourishment and primary health care of children.
  • Identification of malnourished children and link them with NRC.
  • Advocacy with government service providers for safe water and proper sanitation in area.
  • Training of community members on practices of health, hygiene, nutrition and sanitation.

Women Empowerment

  • Awareness and sensitization of community for elimination of gender based discrimination and violence.
  • Organizing Community based women groups to spread awareness and sensitization of women issues.
  • Build capacity of community women volunteers on laws and acts meant for protection and empowerment of women.
  • Facilitating and supporting women to deal with domestic violence matters through Mahila Panchayat.
  • Counselling and legal support to sexually assaulted victims.

Schemes & Entitlements

  • Building awareness on government welfare schemes and entitlements in community.
  • Organizing Facilitation camps to support eligible community persons in filing of applications for schemes.
  • Capacity building of community groups on government schemes and entitlements and develop community leadership in the process.
  • Community led monitoring of various government schemes in area through community watch groups formed.