Awareness Program on Child Rights and Child Labor with Children and Parents

Pardarshita is focusing on Child Rights because it believe each child has right to survive, develop and make decision that impacts their life .Rights –to life, health, nutrition, education and sports .Education and sports are the basic rights of children. The RTE is free and compulsory education for all children between 6 to14 years of age is one of the fundamental rights of each individual child, along with free and constitutional guidelines. Education is the key to combating the evil of poverty. Education allows people to become more aware, earn better wages, protect their health and have a voice in their society. Education is spread among generations. Education is one of the most effective weapons against poverty, abuse, and other diseases, and raises awareness about living and environmental protection of the living.

There are a large number of children in Jaipur who are out of school and are the most vulnerable to engaged in Child labor and child abuse. We have also identified that the most vulnerable children are out of schools .Child labor is one of the major crime under the Child Rights Acts .To give light on Child Rights and child protection act against the Child labor. To give emphasis on some points of child rights, which should children and their parents, have to Know, Pardarshita organized Awareness Program on Child Rights and Child Labor with Children and their Parents.

Child Line 108 which is the 24 hours helpline no. for the children. Children and any person of the society can complain on 108 no. for the Child Right violation

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights works for the Child Rights  , it purpose is to ensure that all laws, policies, programs and administrative mechanisms are be consistent work, with the perspective of child rights which is enunciated in the constitution of India as well as National Commission for Protection of Child Rights

Children can raise their voice and issues in National Commission for Protection Child Rights if they find that their rights have been violated

Pardarshita is initiating through awareness program to stop the child labor and each child gets education for betterment of their life.